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Get new Customers with PPC

PPC means pay-per-click and it is a model of internet marketing in which you can receive money from advertisements each time one of them is clicked. It is a simple way to bring visitors to your website instead of trying to earn them organically.

Do you know what PPC means? First, we need to clarify this concept.
PPC means pay-per-click and it is a model of internet marketing in which you can receive money from advertisements each time one of them is clicked. It is a simple way to bring visitors to your website instead of trying to earn them organically.
PPC advertising allows your business to make some optimization strategies and increase your ROI because it is the most profitable marketing channel. It helps your e-commerce to expand operations and customers as it is a tactic for bringing new shoppers into the fold.
Let’s explore why this is an exceptional tool to acquire new customers.

Why should we use this PPC?

SEO makes some success today, as it is a way to have keywords to become customer search easier to find your business website. PPC has much in common with SEO, both are oriented by keywords to reach the audience with relevant information, services, and products. SEO works on audience search while PPC works when the customers click on the advertisement.
Using the PPC method you will be able to control the amount you want to spend with each click, but what makes PPC advertising great to generate new leads is that you can check the results as soon as your campaign is launched and is useful to earning more shoppers. Let's see how it works.

Customer Acquisition Stages

To explain how customer acquisition works, we need to understand their behavior. They usually start with an awareness process when he is looking for a solution to a specific problem or looking to satiate his desire.
Many companies will be uncovered during this stage, SEO is very useful at this moment because customers begin to search for their answers. Videos, guides, blogs, and different types of content are generously offered for free to help the customers.
Once they discover your business, you need to keep them interested supplying them with education and entertainment. You need to stay on top of their minds. Social media and emails campaigns are crucial to deliver these contents.
So, it is time to generate desire, at this time you need to talk about the benefits of your product or service that will prospect new customers based on what your offer can do it for them.
Customers need to understand what will be the benefit from their purchase. When customers are convinced to acquire your products, you are close to the sale and must ensure that your site is optimized.

Understanding this flow above it is time to explore how to use PPC to grow your business.

Targeting options to use PPC

Nowadays you have a lot of options on platforms such as Google, Facebook to create retargeting ads campaigns, producing customer acquisition PPC campaigns.
Create a list of those customers who have visited a site and abandoned their shopping cart before converting it is a good idea to start. Depending on the number of campaigns your business needs to establish you can create campaigns for those who visited the past 60, 90 days, or longer.
Once you have this list you can retargeting ads to show them the exact the products or services they have shown interest to buy before, and then you will be able to compile a separate list if who converted and who converted in the past and use this list to target a similar audience on Google for example.
Google ads will begin to analyze the search behaviors and you will be able to use these patterns to seek out new customers who display similar online behaviors advertisements. This is not exclusive from Google; Facebook has functions in the same manner to your o target new prospective customers.
If you want to grow using these tools to have most potential marketing campaigns, pay attention to the type of retargeting ad used.

Optimize your PPC campaigns to generate more customers

Many of the same principals are used to optimize customer acquisition, for example an e-commerce campaign focused on conversion. The significant difference here is the type of call to action and landing pages used. Constantly collecting visitor information is crucial to help to refine your retargeting list based on who converted.
Besides these methods, you have other ways to optimize customer conversion campaigns including,
Creating irresistible offers using coupons, discounts, gifts, free shipping all these things will help to acquire more customers and collect their information for the future.
Use a confirming land page. The land page used for PPC is critical to prospect new leads. It is responsible for the impact of the campaign and influences the customer to convert the purchase, land pages should bring the ads to copy and be easy and simple to help customers convert their purchase.

PPC campaigns have become an ideal tool for new customer acquisition, using some techniques such as Google similar audience feature however be sure also to employ other optimization strategies outlined here to convert consumers into new customers.