Step into our world and you’ll never step out


... a creative digital agency consisted of a small group of creative and multi-talented young people who are committed to providing excellence in client service.

Founded in 2015, BEVISIBLE is a small digital studio based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Over the past year we’ve made a reputation for providing a wide range of design, development and online marketing services that look great and easy to use.


Behind every creative action is a purposeful, profit-generating plan. We’re seriously dedicated to creating solutions that succeed immediately, yet also keep a keen eye on the future


Great design not only inspires attention, it retains it. Our design team works with stakeholders to ensure that your web design is not only gorgeous, it’s tactically working across all channels to ensure your goals are achieved


You’ve been tasked to grow your company’s reach, and that’s no small feat. When you work with us, the minutia and the big picture of your industry are the foundation from which we build effective, measurable campaigns.


What is unique about working with us? It’s a question we ask ourselves with every project request. Sure, we understand that consumer decisions are based on emotion, we’re committed to exploring new trends and have a knack for intuitive solutions.

These are not small things. They’ve been cultivated from years of experiments, failures, learning and experience.

We become that extension of your team that you kind of want to invite to your next party.