Why do I need a website?
Sunday 20/01/2019

Why do I need a website?

There are so many reasons why websites are a good idea, many businesses will debate whether it’s worth it or not. To sum up, a website is always worth it and can improve your business in so many ways. Even if you believe it costs too much or you have enough business it can always be improved with a professionally designed website.

This article explains why having a website could be beneficial to you.

There are approximately 3.8 billion people that use the internet daily, that’s more than half the world’s population. By not having a website or an online presence you are missing out on the world’s biggest market. It doesn’t just stop there, having a website greatly increases your business value in the eye of the customer and if you ever try to get a bank loan the perceived value of your business will be much higher with a good looking and well-designed website.  

By having a website potentially thousands of people are going to see it, this gives you the opportunity to influence all of these people with the material you are going to put on your website.  By having any educational material on your website you a given the ability to offer something to the consumer, influencing them to buy your product or service. A website is also a platform to show off your work, a place to display your work to other industry professionals and to current and potential customers.

Everything is online meaning your website can run 24/7 without any supervision your customer can find any information or updates they need about your business without needing to contact you.  They will only contact you if they are interested in purchasing a product or service, optimising your efficiency in customer sales, focusing on those who are more interested in buying from you.      

You can always be there for the customers without physically needing to be in an office environment. Your website runs constantly without needing any management so it can also be there for your customer. This also greatly reduces the cost of customer support by having a frequently asked questions section or live chat support. Customer services can be a straightforward and streamlined process if it comes straight from your website.  

A website is also a great way to a run press release, it can be done much cheaper online all you through your website.  An online press release can get you fantastic exposure for a fraction of the cost of a regular press release. A website also gives you instant credibility it can be a useful way of convincing someone you are the real deal, by having a well structured and well-designed website it can increase your credibility enormously with anyone, it gives you a voice a, trustworthiness a business without a website doesn’t have.

So…are you convinced?

When are you going to launch your business into the 21st century and start designing your website?

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