What’s inbound marketing about?
Tuesday 04/06/2019

What’s inbound marketing about?

Inbound marketing is all about establishing precious experiences that have a pragmatic influence your brand. Bevisible helps you attract customers to your online resources through appropriate and useful content. Once they arrive, Bevisible can get them  to engage with your site through with them through tools like email and through ensuring valuable content in the future. Last but not least, you charm them by acting as an empathetic advisor in the area that interests them, in addition to convincing them you are the expert on the topic.

Through inbound marketing Bevisible ensures you won't need to fight for your customer’s attention, by creating specific and targeted content aimed to address the wants and needs of your ideal customer. Bevisible helps you attract qualified leads and helps build trust and establish credibility for your brand and online presence.   

Inbound marketing is more than a single element it can be seen as a methodology for all your future marketing efforts. It helps you engage, attract and build trust for your business establishing a loyal audience and customer base that have faith in you. Although inbound marketing has been around since the beginning of marketing in recent times technology has began to take over. Bevisible understands the basic marketing principles inbound marketing is made of and helps you implement them into your online presence. In is a great way of creating loyal customers and a method to design a long term business strategy.

It is made up of three main components…lets dive in!

Attract your ideal customer

Although it would be great to have millions of people coming to your site this is often not the ideal method. You want to bring in the people who are most likely to buy your product or service Bevisible can help with this. By creating useful content with your ideal customer in mind and by sharing said content through channels such as email marketing or social media your target audience will begin flowing to your site, some more examples of tools that can attract customers are blogs, social media content, creating videos and ad campaigns.  Bevisible helps establish your brands authenticity through brand awareness and reaching as many member of the target audience as possible with engaging content, leading to the next section.

Engage with visitors

At this stop you want to keep engaging with your prospects and customers you attract through the first step. This is wear you solidify your relationships with your customers in order to create long lasting and loyal customers. Bevisible accomplishes this through lead flows, lead management, conversational bots, email marketing and more!  When creating brand loyalty engagement is key, it is essential to target the specific audience you want through your ad campaigns, social media content and website copy. Produce unique and personalised information designed to engage the audience you want generating warm leads that are more likely to convert and invest in your product or service.

Charm potential leads

This section is all about delivering the right content to the right people at the right time.  Bevisible uses the tools available to them to automate this process and gather as much information as possible to get your message out at the right time on the right platforms. Email and marketing automation are perfect tools for this job.

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