Web Authentication And The Problem With Ux
Thursday 07/03/2019

Web Authentication And The Problem With UX

What’s new with web development?

No one likes change but change is part of life. On the bright side we are here to help! This article dives into everything that’s new with web development over the past month. The tech industry is notorious for evolving fast and this month is no exception. This helpful article will helpfully summarise everything that’s changed. Reading about how much can change in only a month really helps you gain some perspective, and respect for the industry, lets dive in…


· Chrome 72 released the User Activation API. In addition, this new version also disables popups on pageunload.

· The new Firefox was released, Firefox 65. The new version dispatches events on disabled HTML elements and comes with support for the referrerpolicy attribute on script elements, CSS environment variables, Intl.RelativeTimeFormat for JavaScript, and WebP images.

· Finally, Safari’s 12.1 notes are out. Introducing smarter tracking prevention, night mode for the web and push notifications now require a motion from the user or to change the orientation in the settings, it’s important to note this is disabled by default.


· Max Böck explains why they think simplicity is one of the most important and valuable things in a project.

· Ian Littman mentioned “Moving to PHP 7 from PHP 5 would save $2.5 billion in energy costs per year” on twitter. What are you waiting for…make the switch to PHP 7 and save the planet.


· Following the social media trend of the 10-year challenge arun.is have released what popular sites such as Google, YouTube and many more looked like 10 years ago. Some really interesting stuff on how UX/UI has developed.

· UX design is so important and can make the difference in making a good digital product great. However, an interesting article has been released that could fundamentally change UX design. The article states we should stop seeing them as users but as humans.


· Google has always tried to find ways around privacy and trying to get the most information possible out of its users. In the latest development Google wants to sell your exact location to urban planners to improve planning. On one hand it could be seen as good, however, as with all things with google you can never be sure on what is going on behind the scenes.

· Ethics have always been important on the web especially since it is so new, the morals and ethics of the internet are still being developed and perfected. An interesting article written last month by Aral Balkan reveals how even the most honourable open sourced projects struggle to uphold their ethical code.


· New research shows how the way you write HTML can affect performance. Explaining how leaving out optional quotes and tags can make a difference.

· A great summary has been created by Rob Dodson on how to build better accessibility primitives.

There you have it, this month round up of all things to do with web development, how much did you know?

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