Why you need to invest in SEO
Wednesday 24/04/2019

Why you need to invest in SEO

Many businesses know that they need SEO for their online presence, most companies know and they understand the benefits implementing SEO will bring. Bevisible helps you understand and works with you through every step of the process. SEO will definitely improve your website’s overall visibility, and help bring traffic to your site but it’s much deeper than that, there are other very important benefits to your company. No matter the size of your company you could be getting a competitive edge with proper SEO implementation from Bevisible. Let’s dive into why you should be investing into search engine optimisation.

Organic is the primary source of website traffic

Organic searches often make up a considerable section of a companies’ website performance, it is also a vital section of the sales funnel leading to your ultimate goal of getting visitors to your site to complete a conversion or engage with it

Like most marketers and people, Bevisible knows Google owns the largest section of the search market. Although competitors such as DuckDuckGo, Bing, Yahoo and others are relevant it is important to know the importance of Google. Bevisible knows Google owns approximately 75% of the market, showing they absolutely dominate the market and it is vital to follow the guidelines Google sets in order to optimize your search engine results.

Being able to be seen as a trusted site by Google, as Bevisible promises, makes you more visible on the search results and will work in your brand’s favour.

Build Confidence and Credibility

The overall aim of any expert SEO is to create a well built infrastructure for your site.  Bevisible understands a strong SEO means a clean, fast, discoverable and smooth user experience.

There are several elements Bevisible works on to create a strong SEO and go into establishing authority on search engines such as Google. This authority is gained over time and are the result of elements such as:
- Backlinks profiles providing value,
- Effective and positive user behaviour,
- Optimised page elements and content.
Giving a brand authenticity takes commitment and effort. It also relies on a quality SEO team like the one at Bevisible, that provides you with a quality service.

SEO Is a cheaper option

Don’t misunderstand, it costs money, but like everything marketing related it can get expensive, however, in comparison to other marketing strategies it is relatively cheap and can have significant pay off and return on investment. SEO is an investment once implemented properly the benefits can last for years with minimal to no upkeep. It can benefit your brand and site considerably.

Bevisible helps you optimise your search engine result in order to generate as much traffic as possible…don’t delay!

Questions? Comments? Get in touch with BeVisible, for a free quotation!

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