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Wednesday 20/03/2019

3 tips for creating an effective user flow

Practically all web designs are built with one thing in mind, to persuade customers into buying your products or services. A website cannot accomplish this task with a sub-par user experience, if a customer doesn’t know where to go on your website, they will likely use a competitor’s website. Bevisible understands the importance of user flow and how it can affect the customer’s experience on a website. Bevisible builds websites with the customer’s journey in mind and knows how to create a smooth user flow.

User flow is the series of steps that helps potential customers move through your website from the point they originate to the point they buy a product or service from you, without any distractions.

User flow can be a complicated process, its often easier said than done. Bevisible evaluates and reevaluates the user experience in order to enable an efficient, superior user flow.

Here are Bevisible’s top tips on creating an effective user flow

Know your customer!

When designing the user flow, one of the most important things to consider is your customer. Picture your ideal customer and create an in-depth understanding of your target audience when designing your user flow. By picturing your target audience, it allows you to design a website perspective similar to what your audience have used before and are comfortable with. This results in a higher conversion rate which is ultimately the purpose of your website.

Avoid using too much content

Often the case when designing a website, UX designers create user flow designs that are loaded with content, often too much content. Lots of the content may not only be unnecessary but also unattractive. Bevisible makes sure to remove any excess content to avoid clutter. Excess content can include, graphics, animations, flashy text, and flickering logos. Some might say to embrace the simplicity or that less is more, when thinking about user flow.

Test. Test! TEST!

Create prototypes of your user flow once you have a firm outline. Create versions of your user flow with slightly different variations and see which one gains the most conversions. Create prototypes with tangible variables in order to test the websites user flow.

This will get results on what works saving you money and time as the design is optimized. It is also important to note user experience is closely linked, if the audience likes being on your website they are more likely to convert into customers.

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